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Wat Chetuphon



Wat Chetuphon in Sukhothai is known for its tall stucco bas-reliefs of standing and walking Buddhas and the thick enclosure wall made of bluish-gray slate.


Wat Chetuphon is situated outside the city wall to the south and it conforms to a mandapa-centric layout. This temple is famous for its four Buddha images of vast size in four different postures (sitting, reclining, standing and walking) with porches on four sides. However, the sitting and reclining postures are no longer extant.


A massive rectangle block rests on the main mandapa with images of the walking and standing Buddha images on each side. To the west of the main mandapa lies another small mandapa with at least 20 indented corners. Traces of a Buddha image in the posture of subduing Mara were found on the small mandapa. The exterior wall of the small mandapa features black floral designs like those on Chinese wares.


Another striking feature of Wat Chetuphon is its boundary wall enclosing the mandapa with four porches. The wall has a frame and balustrade made of large slabs of thick slate, imitating woodwork. To the west of the mandapas is a courtyard, where a tree known as Phra Si Maha Pho was planted. A brick wall of 1 metre high enclosed this courtyard.



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