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Wat Chang Lom in Sukhothai (East of old city center)


Wat Chang Lom known for its square gallery (in ruins) and base ringed with elephants (in Sukhothai style) on a vast area of land enclosed by a ditch.

This temple consists of a good condition balanced bell-shaped chedi with 32 stucco-covered elephant sculptures surrounding its base, an assembly hall (vihan) enshrining a Buddha image which is now in ruins, an ordination hall (Ubosot) surrounded by water in accordance with the concept of Udaka Sima, subordinate chedis, and a boundary wall and moat enclosing the whole temple.

A stone inscription found at this temple reveals the story of a nobleman known as Phanom Sai Dam, husband of a wet nurse named Thet. He was very loyal to Phra Maha Dharmarãja Li Thai and, to follow in the king’s footsteps, entered the monkhood. When his king passed away in 1384 A.D., he gave a piece of land to build a vihan and scripture hall, made a Buddha image, and planted a Phra Si Maha Pho (Bodhi) tree. He also made a stone Buddha image in dedication to the dead consort of Phra Maha Dharmarãja Li Thai.

However, the elephants of Wat Chang Lom are very much different from the premier elephant-supported Wat Chedi Chang Lom in Si Satchanalai. These 32 stucco-covered elephant sculptures are only in its front halves instead of the complete elephants in its neighbor Si Satchanalai.


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Small stupa-centric temple with bell-shaped chedi, Wat Chang Lom, Sukhothai
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32 elephant sculptures around stupa's platform, Wat Chang Lom, Sukhothai
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Only complete elephant sculpture found around stupa’s platform, Wat Chang Lom, Sukhothai
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