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Wat Chedi Si Hong South of Old City Center


Wat Chedi Si Hong known for its well preserved and unique stucco decoration on this simple stupa-centric temple.


Wat Chedi Si Hong is situated outside the city wall to the south and 100m to the east of Wat Chetuphon. This temple consists of an assembly hall (vihan), a main chedi and subordinate chedis. It is worth a visit while enroute between Wat Trapang Thong Lang and Wat Chetuphon.

The highlight of this temple is its stucco relief decoration on the square platform that supports the stupa. These relief-stuccos around the base of the main chedi depict men and women in different attire with ornaments. Their hands hold vessels with flora symbolizing fertility and prosperity, decorative stuccos also include elephant and lion (simha) images. The mentioned human images may refer to Manusayanga, who according to beliefs in Sri Langka, is a divine being in the underground world. The main bell-shaped chedi has also been repaired several times. At present, the upper part of the chedi is in ruins. Its large chattra spire has broken off and remains sitting upright on the ground nearby.

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Entrance to Wat Chedi Si Hong, Sukhothai
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Looking East of Wat Chedi Si Hong, Sukhothai
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Vihan and bell-shaped stupa of Wat Chedi Si Hong, Sukhothai
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Reliefs around base of stupa of Wat Chedi Si Hong, Sukhothai
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Vihan holding a largely ruined Buddha image of Wat Chedi Si Hong, Sukhothai
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