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Traditional Balinese House located in Desa Batuan, Bali, indonesia

I have the chance to visit a traditional Balinese house, which was located in Desa Batuan, during my trip to Bali. It is a must for each household that lives in Bali has to display their residence information craved on a plate outside their house. This plate indicates that this househould is under the Peninda village committee and it consists of 5 males (pria), 3 females (wanita) which adds up to a total sum (jumlah) of 8 residents.

A traditional Balinese house is basically made up of various separate individual large open structures, consisting of shrine, kitchen, well, sleeping areas, housed withing a high-wall compound. The compound is mainly divided into three parts. The Balinese apply the concept of Tri Angga and Tri Loka when building the structure of building. Tri Angga is “three part of human body” and Tri Loka is “upper (Bhur), middle (Bwah) and lower (Swah) world of existence”. Every building of Balinese Traditional house refers to 9 of wind directions (Nawa sanga) that means that each building has its own place. For example.

  • Kitchen (a place for fire) always in the south.
  • Prayers (pura) always in the east side as it is where the sun rises.
  • Well always in the north side as it is usually where the mountain is located.

I am grateful to manage to have visited this household and took some nice shots of this interesting family. They made us feel welcomed in their premises as they continued their daily activities normally as no one was there. The grandpa loves to blow some kind of flute alike creating beautiful soothing music. And his dog just laid lazily beside him. There are also other animals in their house, which includes the walkabout chickens near their well and a purring cat. After awhile the grandma just sat down beside the grandpa and started chatting. On the other side of their house, the dad was playing with his cheerful kid who keeps holding on tight to some color pencils. Both of them did not talked much, they just simply understand what each other wanted by looking into the eyes. They definitely portrayed a strong bonding between the father and son.

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Traditional Balinese house
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Man creating beautiful sound while his pet dog is lying down
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A man crafted his own musical tool to create wonderful sound
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The purring cat
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A family sitting down and chat on a lazy afternoon
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The family's reared chickens
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The rooster
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Beautiful eyes displaying hope
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Father and son
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The strong bonding between father and son
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